Just a short drive south of Sandringham is Black Rock, which keeps with the relaxed and tranquil seaside vibe of its surrounding bayside neighbors. This picturesque suburb is home to Half Moon Bay, which is one of Melbourne’s most popular yachting sites and is the location of the HMVS Cerebrus, a sunken wreck of Australia's first ironclad warship and a true icon of the suburb. The Black Rock Shopping Village at the start of Balcombe Road is your destination organic groceries, freshly baked bread, and a laid back weekend brunch, and is a spot where you can also see the Black Rock Clock Tower which is a true landmark of the suburb. If you want a bit of activity, the world class Royal Melbourne Golf Club and surrounding sand belt golf courses is the perfect prescription, while a wealth of parks and playgrounds, schools, and public transport options make this a highly sought-after area to live.
  • Suburb:Nsw
  • Postcode:3193
  • Municipality:City of Bayside