Six Tips for Delivering the Perfect Spring Sale

Property sellers in Newington often wait for spring to list their property because the weather is warmer and hopefully sunnier, and our magnificent gardens are in full bloom.

However, the success of a spring sale is usually based on a combination of factors including the sunnier weather that make properties more appealing, while the warmer season motivates more buyers to get to open homes after the cold, rainy winter months.

Another factor driving sales in springtime is the looming festive season. May people are motivated to be into a new home by Christmas or at least before the kids start at a new school whether its Newington Public School or a nearby secondary college.

In turn, vendors recognise there are more buyers around as the weather warms up and this additional demand can offer the prospect of competitive prices, and even a faster property sale.

Getting your property ready for a spring sale

While many vendors achieve excellent sales in spring, listing your property between September and November does not give you a licence to print money.

You see, with more sellers and more properties for sale in spring there is also more competition for your property. To give your property the best opportunity to attract buyers, you’ll need to create a focused marketing plan with the assistance of your experienced NVRE sales agent to increase your odds of a terrific sales outcome.

Ideally, this approach will involve property staging and presentation, and several other strategies to enhance your property’s appeal to buyers. 

1. First impressions count – enhance curb appeal

First impressions count with buyers, so ensuring your home’s exteriors stand out will pay dividends. Start by straightening up the front yard by clearing any clutter such as superfluous toys, worn-out garden hoses, rusting deckchairs and cracked flowerpots.

Take the high-pressure gurney to paths and driveways and remove any oil stains. Rake away leaves, prune dead shrubs and trees, and remove as many weeds as possible from the front and back gardens. Also, mowing the front and back lawn and using the whipper snipper on the edges will aid curb appeal.

Don’t forget unsightly gutters and roofs can be a turnoff for buyers, so employ a specialist to clean these parts of your property that are challenging to access.

To enhance your property’s exterior, consider repainting fences, exterior walls, and the letterbox, and fix any creaking gates and gaps in the fence or railings.

2. Spring clean your way to sales success

A clean home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the sale price of your home. So, one of the first tasks once the contract of sale is signed with your agent is to spring-clean the house.

Why not begin by washing and polishing glass doors and windows from the outside and inside – don’t forget the flyscreens. Remove and wash all light fittings, replace any broken light globes, and remove any cobwebs while you’re at it.

Wipe down walls, fans, smoke alarms, and air conditioning units and remove old bits of tape, blue tack, or thumbtacks on walls. Also, wipe all windowsills, skirting boards, door and window tracks and polish mirrors until they are streak-free.

Next, wash the curtains, dust blinds, and clean and polish doorknobs, switches, taps, and fittings.

Have your carpets professionally steam cleaned – this service will reduce the amount of vacuuming. Don’t forget to wipe down cupboards and all exterior and interior surfaces, such as closet doors, shelves, and drawers. Take extra care with the kitchen and bathroom cleaning, as buyers will carefully consider the cleanliness in these spaces. Have your tiles and grouting cleaned by experts if needed.

3. Do any necessary repairs and maintenance

Inspect your interiors and note any defects or damage, as you can be sure your buyers will be looking at these flaws. Consider repairing leaky taps, loose doorknobs, and faulty light switches. Give tired and grungy walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint, and consider employing a professional to remove carpet stains. If the property has timber flooring, think about whether it needs restaining – however, this might be a high cost if there is significant scratching.

4. Declutter, declutter, declutter

When selling your home, usually less is best. Less often means decluttering your home of excess furniture, personal items, and memorabilia. Any things you wish to keep can go into storage – and the rest can be donated or thrown away.

Decluttering also makes your interior rooms and storage spaces appear more spacious. Decluttering also depersonalises your home, giving potential buyers a blank canvas to help them visualise how they could make the property theirs.

To depersonalise your home, remove family photos, souvenirs, and trophies. Use storage to accommodate oversized, worn, or clashing furniture. Anything you leave in a closet or cupboard, such as clothes, shoes, plates, and mugs, should be in good condition and organised.

5. Put your home up in lights with staging

Property staging allows vendors to target specific demographics and potentially secure a better price. An experienced real estate agent from NVRE is your best adviser when it comes to staging your home. The agent can identify a property’s unique features and guide you on how to highlight these with staging.

So, what exactly does staging involve? You could rent furniture, artwork, and additional accessories to accentuate your property’s top features. Depending on your target buyers, accessories can be used to reimagine a room’s use – such as transforming an extra bedroom into a home office or media room.

Of course, you can do some staging yourself, such as updating old towels, rugs, and linen. During inspections, the agent might recommend piping some relaxing music through the home and generating some pleasing aromas by baking some cookies or freshly brewing some coffee Also, drawing back the curtains to let in natural sunlight or adding fresh flowers are simple property staging techniques that won’t require an expert’s touch.

6. Choose to work with an expert

An experienced real estate agent can work with you at every step of the sales process and ensure your property is staged and presented appropriately.

An agent will also provide an accurate valuation of your home, represent you when negotiating with a buyer and assist with the contract and other paperwork involved in a property sale.

Spring is a busy time for sellers, and your agent can ensure your property stands out from the crowd and appeals to your target buyers. In addition, you can be confident that spring is the right time to sell if you enlist the services of one of NVRE’s highly experienced agents.

At NVRE, we have been selling homes in Newington even before our wonderful suburb was the athlete’s village for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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